When to go Solar

If electricity is available, a 120 volt gate opener is the best option. Out here in rural north Georgia with long driveways, a solar powered gate opener can be a great alternative. Solar powered systems do cost $600 to $1000 more than a non-solar unit. The additional cost is justifiable up to a certain point. For instance, a new electric service can be run to the gate for around $4 to $5 a linear foot, so if you have a power source within 150 feet of the gate opener location, it may be more cost effective to run power from the house to the gate verses going solar.

A typical 120 volt dual gate opener with a wireless keypad and exit probe, installed on and existing gate with electrical power already available at the gate is around $2600.00.

goose neck pedestal for telephone entry system call box mounting
telephone entry system cost
cell phone entry system
remote control for electric gate opener
exit sensor for automatic electric gate opener
siren operated sensor for automatic electric gate openers
battery backup for automatic electric gate operators


An inexpensive battery powered wireless coded keypad that is easily installed at the gate to allow access with a 4 digit code Digital keypad with 10 channels and 100 combinations. $180.00


Pricing starts around $1000 for the equipment plus installation cost. The final cost is determined by how far away the gate is from the home telephone wiring and available electrical power supply. With this type of answering device, a button is pushed to call the home phone which allows the homeowner to talk to the person at the gate and grant them access by pressing a button on the home phone. Access is also allowed by entering a code on the keypad. These systems have many great features like vacation lock down mode, party mode (to keep the gate open), do not disturb mode, adjustable ring tone for gate, etc.

The top unit uses cell phone technology and does not require wiring into home phone, but does require a SIMM card and a cell phone service provider and monthly subscription. $1200 plus installation.

The lower unit wires into the home phone line, communication and gate activation is controlled from the home phone handset. $1000.00 plus installation. Instalation cost is more for a hard wired syster like this verses a cell box system due to trenching and cable burial requirements from the gate to the house.


For mounting the wireless keypad or Telephone Entry System call box onto.

Cost around $200.00


Two or four channel 12V rolling code remote control transmitters.

One button on the remote controls the gate and the other buttons can be programed to open related manufacturer equipment like garage doors and second gates.

Two remote controls are included with each gate opener installation.

$25 apiece for each extra remote with no additional programing cost, if purchased at the time of installation.


Opens the gate automatically when approached from the inside by a vehicle. No need to manually activate the gate, just drive over the sensor and it opens automatically. Excellent for guest, delivery trucks, and anytime any vehicle needs to exit the property. This device sets about 50 feet away from the gate next to or under the driveway, drive over it and the gate will open automatically. $180.00


SOS is used to open Residential, Commercial, Airport, Government and Military Gates during an emergency. The reliability of the SOS Emergency Access System has made it mandatory in many communities throughout the country. SOS is the most cost effective way for emergency responders to access your homes and businesses without stopping or leaving their vehicle to enter a code or use a key.

Every Emergency Vehicle already has the key: a Siren. Once SOS is installed on your gate, your concerns about Emergency Vehicles gaining access to your property will vanish. This system saves vital seconds in all emergencies with sirens triggering gate operators. Emergency Responders get your gates open without accessing codes, keys, radio frequencies, or causing costly damage by ramming your gate. $550.00


24 Volt D.C. battery backup system.

Provides auxiliary backup power in the event of an electrical power outage.

Can be added to any BFT gate opener system


We use BFT gate operators and accessories because they are affordable and we have found them to be manufactured with highly dependable top quality materials that will give a lifetime of trouble free operation. When it comes to hard wired telephone land line call boxes, I prefer the Door King system coupled with the BFT operator.

Please read the Warranty information here.